Is Hamlet A Hero

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There are various approaches to describing a hero. There is also an infinite number of individuals who can be defined as heroes. A hero can be a person who demonstrates valor. A hero can be a champion. A hero can even save a life or even mankind. In William Shakespeare 's play Hamlet, the most heroic and brave character is young Hamlet. Despite the fact Hamlet is stranded amidst a court filled with dishonesty and misconduct and is confronted by the death of his father and his mom 's relatively quick marriage to his father 's brother, he is viewed as daring and bold in the minds of readers. For, it is his courageousness, fearlessness, determination and bravery that proves that Hamlet is not only a strong willed individual but also the most heroic character in the play. "But two months dead…my poor father’s body…why she married with my uncle, my father’s brother, but no more like my father…But break, my heart, for I must hold my tongue" (I.ii.29-30) Hamlet agonizingly groans to himself. It is clear towards the start of the play that Hamlet is damaged—internally. It makes him upset to see his mother get married not long after his father 's passing, and Hamlet feels alone since nobody else appears to feel this same torment and be grieving with him. Based on this evidence, it is safe to infer that Hamlet had an excellent and upright relationship with his now dead father whom he respected. Therefore, if one was not as courageous or as heroic as Hamlet, they would have protested
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