How Is Hamlet A Tragic Hero

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The stories "Hamlet" and "Death of a Salesman" are two of the most well known tragedy stories. The stories may have been in two completely different eras, and have different plots, but the main characters in the story, Hamlet in "Hamlet" and Willy Loman in "Death of a Salesman" compare in many different ways. Although the characters can be seen as very similar, there are differences between the characters as well. Hamlet and Willy compare and contrast in the ways as they are both tragic heroes, they both act insane, and both have trouble doing what they say they are gonna do.
Firstly, they compare as they are both tragic heroes. A tragic hero is not a normal hero. A tragic hero is someone that has a flaw that can lead to the destruction of themselves. Hamlet is a tragic hero because he was blinded by his want for revenge of his father 's death. Hamlet pretended to be crazy for so long that he blocked out his true self and the people who cared for him, like Gertrude and Ophelia. The want for revenge was his flaw and what made him a tragic hero. With what comes to being a tragic hero, his flaw led to his own destruction and death. Like Hamlet, …show more content…

In Hamlet, he has so many opportunities to kill Claudius, but fails to do so. Hamlet as a character did a lot more talk than actions. This was the same for Willy as he said he wanted to be a successful businessman, but he never did anything to try to be that. Both characters expected everything to just fall into place and be easy.
Hamlet and Willy are completely different characters if you do not look deeply into the stories. If you can realize the meaning behind their stories you can tell they are so similar. Willy and Hamlet were similar as they both were tragic heroes, insane, and did not do what they said they were gonna do. These tragic heroes share more common traits than one would

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