Compare And Contrast Hamlet And Claudius

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Hamlet Comparison Essay There are many qualities that make an effective and powerful leader. Some leaders strive for greatness; others strive to make history. Though their goals may differ, all can agree that the most important component of leadership is earning the respect of those who follow you and being responsible with the power you earn. There are many strong leaders in Shakespeare’s Hamlet, though not all are effective. King Claudius and Prince Hamlet demonstrate different leadership styles, Claudius’ being more effective. Hamlet is driven by his emotions, while Claudius is selfish yet intelligent. In terms of cognitive resources, each leader demonstrates a different ethical stance. The social and cultural resources enable both Hamlet and Claudius to act in ways that are only sometimes emotional appreciate. The true differentiating characteristic is the psychological resource, resilience. It this here where one realizes who is the better leader. Ethics is an important influential factor for Hamlet and Claudius, despite their variation in ethical standpoints. An important cognitive resource, ethical stance entails acting responsibly and with integrity. Ethics has a …show more content…

The true differentiating character between the effectiveness of Hamlet and Claudius’ leadership is their individual resilience. Claudius is ruthless in his attacks towards Hamlet; he does not become discouraged at any point. Hamlet’s emotions deteriorate leading up to the end of the play, and with it goes his resilience. Claudius’ brutality and wisdom combine to create a tough and determined leader, while Hamlet’s emotions often create barriers for him in his quest for what he wants. Claudius’ cold-hearted techniques are what truly make him a better leader than Hamlet. Though Hamlet may earn love from the people of Denmark, Claudius earns respect. Some may argue it is better to be loved than feared as a leader, but Claudius’ resilience in his quest to murder Hamlet proves

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