The Lion King And Hamlet Comparison Essay

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In more ways than one the world of Disney has somewhat interacted in the world of Shakespeare. Hamlet and The Lion King ,all though years apart in the making, have been drafted to be almost similar with little to no differences. They are similar in the ways of the plot and the moral background, but different as far as the ending transition of Hamlet and Simba are combined. The plot of Hamlet and The Lion King alike are about an Uncle to the King, or a heir next in line to the throne trying to gain power. Thus including some of the main characters being the King, the Queen, the King and Queen’s son, the son’s first love, his first loves’ father, two of the son’s instigating friends, and of course the son’s one and only true friend. They both start with the interrogating uncle of the King or Simba’s father …show more content…

The moral background within the story of Hamlet and The Lion KIng are similar consisting that their plots also correspond. In every situation whether it be in Hamlet or The Lion KIng all the actors or cast members displayed an act of portraying a personality not seen at first glance. Which can be similar corresponding to “real” life that most people aren't who they appear to be. For example The King’s brother or Simba’s uncle took on this role of being responsible, caring, and a very big role model in the kingdom but in turn his real role in society was to play this manipulative, and inconsiderate being.The common people; however, followed the role he displayed not the role that made him who he was. Same for society today so many people fall under the trap of lies being shown than the actual conformity of a person in himself or herself. Therefore the meaning within Hamlet and The Lion King is that in life there are the innocent, the guilty, and the manipulated, but it takes more than a glance to depict from the three. Hamlet stated, “we know what we are, but not what we may be” (Hamlet Act 4, Scene

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