Hamlet Movie Vs Play Essay

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Hamlet is a powerful story of love, life, revenge, and death. The themes within the play are written to live on for eternity. It is difficult to fully and accurately represent a play as great as this one. The movie that we watched in class did not wholly represent the wonders and the magnitude of the themes within Shakespeare’s work. As with all written works that are turned into movies, Hamlet the movie was different from Hamlet the play. One difference that I noted was the time setting of the story. The play is set in the late middle ages while the movie representation is set in the modern era. Another difference that I noted was that Hamlet in the movie, as well as Ophelia in the movie, seemed a lot crazier than I had pictured when reading the play. Hamlet was represented as psychotic in the movie, while in the play I pictured a man who was crazy over the death of his father, the marriage of his mother, and his love for Ophelia, but not to the point of an absolute psychotic man. Ophelia was also represented as crazy later in the movie. Yes, Ophelia did go crazy after the death of her father, but from reading the play, I did not picture her going to that extreme. I noticed the craziness especially when she was singing in the movie. There were also many …show more content…

I had very high expectations for the movie because I thought reading the play was outstanding. This representation of Hamlet did not satisfy the great expectations that I had for the movie. I thought that the movie was rather boring while the play kept me on my toes the whole time. While reading the play, I wanted to know what was going to happen next, but while watching the movie, I did not really care to continue. I had huge expectations for the movie, but they were simply not met. Hopefully, if Hamlet is ever remade, they will take some of my suggestions into account and make it into a movie that will give full justice to the beauty and wonder of the

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