Hamlet Compare And Contrast Hamlet And Tennant's

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Hamlet is one of the most remarkable tragedy plays in the world, thus there are many reproductions to create same sensation. Films of Hamlet are the most famous versions of these and there are so several films created. These include Branagh’s version released in 1996 and Tennant’s version released in 2009. Branagh 's film is four hours long movie trying to create the exact version of story Hamlet on the screen and Tennant’s is three hours long television film, famous because it is a modernized version of Hamlet. Although Branagh’s and Tennant’s versions films have vast differences, they are both be able to convey the play’s theme of madness in their films. This can be proved by Elizabethan idea, film techniques and their actress’ portrayal. Branagh’s and Tennant’s Hamlet use the idea of Elizabethan era to create the …show more content…

In Branagh’s film, the director uses the techniques to create madness directly. For example, from the moment Ophelia asks that “Where is the beauteous majesty of Denmark?” (4.5.21) until she leaves her room after saying “good night, good night” (4.5.73), she is in the straitjacket clothes which are for mentally ill people. Also the audience can observe that she is trapped in the compact room with protection surrounding when Gertrude says that she “[…][would] not speak with her.” The film is using the symbols directly related to madness to persuade the audience that she is in the state of mental illness. However, in the Tennant’s film, the director uses the conventions ambiguously to infer Ophelia’s madness. For instance, the lighting in the scene is very dimmed and is being used to give attention to the Ophelia, thus it helps the audience to focus on the madness of her. Ultimately, both films use the film techniques to create the madness either directly or indirectly. These conventions are more effective with the extraordinary acting of the

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