First Folio Essays

  • The Quarto One: A Comparison Of Hamlet?

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    versions of Hamlet. Many scholars, readers and performers question which text is the “real” Hamlet or the Hamlet Shakespeare intended for his audience. The Quarto One (Q1) is dated to 1603 and is the first known edition of the play. The Quarto Two (Q2) is dated just a year later in 1604. The First Folio (F), which was published in 1623, is the text that is used most often and is considered the control text out of the three. The modern edition that I used for this has annotated versions of Q1 and

  • Macbeth's Influence

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    In this essay I will discuss the entire life of William Shakespeare, what it was influenced by in terms of spirituality, ideal and social force behind his work (arts). Further, the challenges he faced both personally and professionally in pursuing social relevance in his plays and the historical significance portrayed in his whole work. Also, I will discuss the development and times of the Elizabethan theatre with the Elizabethan ideal of the core and how Shakespeare was influential in that period

  • King Lear By William Shakespeare

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    John Shakespeare was a shoemaker and his mother, Mary Shakespeare was a heiress. There are no records of his education, except for his attendance at King Edward VI School until the age 14. He married Anne Hathaway at the age of 18 and they had their first child 6 months later. In 1594, he joined the acting troupe which was originally called The Lord Chamberlain 's Men and was later changed to the King’s Men by King James I’s request. Shakespeare’s and his family are known to be an illiterate bunch,

  • Julius Caesar Leadership

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    several alliances, he became dictator of the Roman Empire, a rule that lasted for just one year before his death. Historical Background: Shakespeare roman tragedy, based on a close translation of *Plutarch by Sir Thomas *North, was first printed in the First *Folio (1623)in an apparent reference to a performance of it at the *Globe on 21st September 1599 in a notebook of Thomas *Platter. It was played after the Restoration with little alteration by the

  • Conflict In The Merchant Of Venice

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    Submission - 05/11/2014 The Merchant of Venice, Conflict between Religion   The Merchant of Venice, a play by William Shakespeare, believed to have been writing between 1596 and 1598. It is classified as a comedy in the First Folio and sharing certain aspects with Shakespeare’s other romantic comedies. Bassanio is considered as the central hero of the story and his dearest friend Antonio, mainly described as the kindest man in this world. The play is made up of two stories

  • Shakespeare's Reaction In Hamlet

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    out that he caused many deaths, even himself. Shakespeare was born on April 23, 1564 on St. George’s Day. His parents were John and Mary Shakespeare. His father John was a glover and a leather maker. Shakespeare was their third child but was the first son. He married Anne Hathaway, hathway was eight years older than him. He was only 18 when he married his pregnant bride. They married in 1582, and had three

  • Reaction Paper On The Merchant Of Venice

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    the greatest writer in the English language and world’s preeminent dramatist, is often called England’s national poet and the “Bard of Avon”. This play is believed to have been written between 1596 and 1599. Though classified as a comedy in the First Folio and sharing certain aspects with Shakespeare 's other romantic comedies, the play is perhaps most remembered for its dramatic scenes, and it is best known for Shylock and the famous "Hath not a Jew eyes?" speech. Also notable is Portia 's speech

  • William Shakespeare And My Mistress Eyes Are Nothing Compared To The Sun

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    the area on April 26th, 1564. He was the third of the eight Shakespeare siblings; however, only five of them lived to be adults. His mother was Mary Arden Shakespeare, who came from a very prominent family. His father was John Shakespeare, who at first was a tradesman and glove maker and then went on to serve as an alderman and a bailiff, both of which were important roles in the local government. However, John went on to get himself into debt, which led him to ignore his family and start to heavily

  • The Fool In Shakespeare's Play

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    been adjusted and the differences can certainly be seen. His roles differ from one play to another and there is a sense of metamorphosis from clown to gentleman in society’s eyes while analysing the four plays one after another. In this essay, I am first going to discuss the actors Will Kemp and Robert Armin that were available for Shakespeare to utilize as his fools and how they affected the way Shakespeare allotted the role of the fool in his plays. After tackling the actors, I am going to discuss

  • Shakespeare's Sonnets Analysis

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    were not written in any particular year, but their composition stretched over a number of years. ‘THE FRIEND’ OR ‘THE FAIR YOUTH’ IN SHAKESPEARE’S SONNETS : Shakespeare’s friend : Rival Claiments. Of the one hundred and fifty-four Sonnets, first printed in 1609,

  • The True Comedy In The Winter's Tale

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    Shakespeare maintains this harrowing perspective for the first three acts, until the end of the third, which features the beginning of few comic moments, perhaps to distract the readers from the insensitive acts and dismal atmosphere that began the play. Orsino and Olivia in his festive comedy, Twelfth Night,

  • The Meaning Of Life: The Life Of William Shakespeare

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    there is not a definite proof. In 1582, when Shakespeare was 18 years old, he married Anne Hathaway, who was 26 and she was presumably 3 months pregnant. Thus, the ceremony which take place in November, 28th, 1582. They had three children, their first daughter, Susanna, and later, twins, Hamnet and Judith. Hamnet died at the age of 11 years for unknown causes. After the birth of the twins, there are seven years of

  • William Shakespeare Case Study

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    he married Anne Hathaway; and had three children. Around 1587, Shakespeare went to London to act and write for the London stage (Bloom 11-2; Urgan 225). Shakespeare died in 1616 at the age of 52. Seven years after Shakespeare died, in 1623, The First Folio, containing his 36 plays, was published in London. William Shakespeare’s plays are categorized as histories, comedies, and tragedies. Among his tragedies areHamlet(1600 or 1602), Othello (1603), Macbeth(1606), Antony and Cleopatra (1606) and many

  • Sociological Theories In King Lear

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    King Lear shows the great age of tragedy that established as one of the greatest tragedy play of William Shakespeare. In King Lear it exhibits a character in which it shows some distinctions it depicts a positive light to the novel class and lower class. The question is why did William Shakespeare write the play King Lear? The story of King Lear and his three daughters Goneril, Regan and Cordelia existed in some form up to decades before Shakespeare recorded his own vision in Shakespeare’s time;

  • The Tempest Analysis

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    Tempest was written in 1610-1611. It was first performed at Court by The King 's Men (Previously known as Lord Chamberlain 's Men, a theatrical company, it became The King 's Men in 1603, when King James I ascended the throne and became the company 's patron.) in the fall of 1611. In the winter of 1612-1613 it was performed again, during festivities in celebration of the marriage of King James 's daughter, Elizabeth. The Tempest was first published in the First Folio in December 1623 by Isaac Jagard and

  • Tragic Hero In Paradise Lost

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    In John Milton’s Paradise Lost he writes a story of the downfall of Satan followed by humanity. Satan becomes the ultimate antagonist and truly faces a downfall due to his hubris and ambitious personality. Satan’s fall from a very prestigious position clarifies him enough to be considered as a tragic hero; however, the reasons behind his fall truly prove him to be the text book version of a tragic hero. Whether it be his relentless desire to be at the same position as God, or his desire to ruin the

  • Essay On Creon Is The Tragic Hero In Antigone

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    The play Antigone by Sophocles, translated by Paul Roche, was first performed in 441 BC focuses on the life of Antigone who is the daughter to the ex-rulers of Thebes. She has 1 other sister who is not supportive since she is manipulated by her uncle Creon who now rules after her 2 brothers killed each other in a fight for the throne. Creon and Antigone are the protagonist and antagonist who don’t seem to get along very well despite being related. Creon believes one thing and is very firm on his

  • Self Deception In Hamlet

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    Everyone sees the play Hamlet as this great tragedy and a quest for revenge, and it is one, but it’s all filled with so much deception and lies. The characters lie to each other, they spy and create plans to find out information. This use of hidden yet obvious deception just shows how rotton human beings can be with each other and how easily they can turn on one another to further themselves to get what they want. It eventually shows that by using all your energy towards a plan of revenge, can cause

  • Father-Son Relationships In The Odyssey

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    Throughout all of human history, various pieces of literature usually reflect the nature of people and the current culture of the time it was written. A topic that was frequently written about in Greek Mythology were family dynamics and relationships between family members. More specifically, father-son relationships were an extremely prevalent topic in Greek Mythology. In particular, The Odyssey touched upon this topic greatly. The basic structure of father-son relationships have stayed the same

  • Macbeth Tragic Flaw Analysis

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    family. Finally Macduff gives the rightful heir Malcolm the throne that he deserves as Macduff's loyalty still lies with Scotland and Duncans lineage. Although it seems that Macduff may have given the throne to a coward because Malcolm was one of the first to flee with his brother as soon as he got the faintest scent of fear from his father's death. Showing that Macduff's greatest downfall is that he put a coward on the throne of Scotland.