Theme Of Power In The Tempest

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The Tempest by William Shakespeare is projected to be written in 1610-1611 and is first performed in November 1611 and it is also believed to be the last play that Shakespeare has written alone. The play is largely engaged on the theme of power whether it be bad or good. Power is demonstrated in various ways in The Tempest, it can be seen as the characters desire power amongst each other, the power over slaves and men, the power of love and lastly the supernatural power of magic. These forms of power is witnessed through governance and possession in the play as well. Shakespeare depicts this power predominantly through Prospero who seems to have the greatest extent of power in the play. The various ways Shakespeare dramatizes and explores power, allows us to obtain a richer impression of the theme of power in The Tempest.
Government and authority both carry out important functions in the play. It is the subject of government that initiates the events in the play and it is also the foundation of the progression throughout the play. Prospero is the fundamental piece in the play concerning governance because he used to be the Duke of Milan, but loses his title to his brother Antonio when he devotes too much of his time learning magic rather than ruling his people and seeing his obligations through: “The government I cast upon my brother, [a]nd to my state grew stranger, being transported [a]nd rapt in secret studies,” (p.10). This is also the cause of Prospero and his infant
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