Character Analysis: The Tempest

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1- What makes Miranda a central character in the play? What process must she undergo? What virtues does she possess that make success likely?
Miranda is a hero “The Tempest.” She is one of the three females mentioned in the play and the only female character to appear on stage throughout the play. She is beautiful and obedient other than being virgin and these virtues make her imminent wedding and marriage a great possibility.
2- To what degree is Prospero responsible for his own downfall?
Prospero played a key role in his own downfall. He, for example, failed to manage his authority. He admits enabling his brother 's treason happened because he gave him a lot of powers and neglected his own duties as the head of state as he concentrates on …show more content…

Ariel sings the song to Ferdinand because mistakenly thinks that the Ferdinand father is drowned and dead in the ocean. Ariel should have sung for him as a way of telling Ferdinand that his father is dead and as a consolation.
9- What view of kingship does Antonio set forth for Sebastian, brother of Alonso King of Naples? How does Antonio understand the tempest?
Antonio anticipates making his brother Sebastian the next ruler after King Alonso. He understands that Ferdinand ha to be dead if this has to succeed; hence, has a plan for it. To understand this kingship this good means that Antonio understands the Tempest very well.
10- How does this comic scene with Trinculo and Stephano complement the previous one with Antonio and Sebastian? Why do Trinculo and Stephano form a natural unit with Caliban?
If Prospero was to allow it, the plot of Sebastian and Antonio represents a real danger to King Alonso. Trinculo and Stefano 's plot, on the other hand, can only represent impotence. Danger and impotence are both undesirable aspects, hence; the two lots complement each other. Trinculo and Stephano form a natural unit with Caliban because while they themselves at the lowest end of the social scale in the play, Caliban is portrayed as a "less human." "Less human" and low social position in the society go together; hence, Trinculo and Stephano and Caliban naturally become

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