Roles Of Women In Julius Cesar Essay

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The role of female characters in Shakespeares plays are used to support the plot line as well as the actions of other characters. In Julius Cesar, Shakespeare uses Portia and Calpurnia simultaneously to strengthen the tension of the plots relating to the politics and social issues of the play. The women are used to emphasize the emotional struggle of the main characters as well as the main theme of desiring power that is used throughout the play. While both women have a different role and association through the dialogue, they are both used as a way to connect to the main theme of desire for power and as a reflection of their husbands characteristics and actions. Portia is the wife of Brutus and Calpurnia is the wife of Cesar. While Shakespeare…show more content…
Instead of staying behind the others, she stands in front of Antonius way as he speaks. Calpurnia is not quick to move but holds her place in nobility (line 85). This is done as a subtle way of perceiving Calpurnia with the strength that she holds by Cesar. It is also a demonstration of the power of Cesar that is above other nobility and which is displayed by her actions. Calpurnia uses her actions as a way of showing her personal place as well as the relationship that she has to Cesar, which is above all others. While Portia holds a strong place to Brutus, it is displayed differently and not as royalty. She is consistently brushed aside from Brutus as he takes care of things. Eventually, this leads to her committing suicide to prove the love that she has for Brutus, specifically with the desire to show her courage. The attitude which Brutus has to her is to remain within the household and to not worry about the roles of men, keeping her separate from what is occurring. This particular tension creates separation between Portia and also displays the attitude and emotions of Brutus. For Portia, this creates an internal struggle. At the same time, it also displays Brutus struggle with power that he has towards Cesar and others that he seems close
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