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The article “Tempest in the wilderness” mainly focuses on the superiority of English people over the Irish and the Indians. The English people were merciless to the Irish people. Let us take a look at those factors by one. First of all, the English thought of Irish as people who had no knowledge about god and no good behavior. They were not capable of farming. They could not work for even their own food. The English saw them as people who will steal from them. Therefore, they English introduced a rule that totally destroyed the Irish. That is the Irish was not allowed to use any English goods, not purchase any land, hold the office, not to be a witness for anything. The marriage between an Irish and English was totally prohibited. Besides this, they also started …show more content…

One hundred and twenty colonizers went down to thirty eight after one year because of starvation. Then the Indians gave them food and helped those strangers. Again after one year, more people arrived and they ran out of food. This resulted in one person in a family killing his wife, threw the child out of her womb and ate the mother. Because of the lack of food, English tried to get the food from the Indians by destroying their villages. After a year, the governor of Virginia ordered his people to make Indians work hard for the English and pay them as corn and skins. They attacked one Indian town, killed fifteen people, threw the children and shot their brains out. The colonizers were not at all ashamed for taking their land. They believed it is good to have their land by brutal means. In 1622, Indians tried to fight back. They murdered more than 300 colonizers. This created complete war. As a result, in 1623, Captain William Tucker sent his people to an Indian village to discuss about peace. They served Indians poisonous drinks which killed a lot of people. They tried to get rid of Indians

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