Indian Massacre Research Paper

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The indian massacre took place in the year 1622 in the english colony of virginia, virginia now belongs to the united states, march,22,1622. Captain smith has not been in virginia ever since 1609 and he wasn’t a firsthand eyewitness. In history of virginia braves of the powhatan confederacy came into houses unarmed with deer, turkeys, fish, fruits and other things to sell. they grabbed any tool and or any weapon to kill english settlers. Opechancanough led many surprise attacks by the confederacy they killed 347 people. Jamestown found in 1607 was the first english settlement then was the colony of virginia. Its tobacco led to expansion and seizure of powhatan lands, Jamestown was saved by a warning from a Indian living in a home of one…show more content…
Jamestown increased in its defenses. The indian that had warned him (pace) his name was not recorded at all in any way of the accounts. Though legend have named him “chanco”, it might be misidentification. During the Powhatan surprise attack, the tribes attacked a bunch of their smaller communities, also including Henricus and their college for children of natives and settlers. At Martin’s Hundred, they’ve killed way more than half of their population in Wolstenholme Towne where just two houses and part of a church were left still standing.all, the Powhatan tribe killed about four hundred colonists (a third of the population) and they also took 20 women in as captives, Their captives lived their lives and worked hard and tried to be good Powhatan Indians until they died or their ransom took place. All of the Settlers abandoned the Falling Creek Ironworks, Henricus, and the Smith’s Hundred. Accounts say that the attack took place on a good friday, it’s incorrect. Zero of the contemporary accounts at all have mentioned a good friday not ever not even once, but they have said on a friday morning the twenty second of march sixteen twenty two,it really was on a friday that wasn’t a lie but the good friday of that year fell on april 19 about almost a month after the surprise attack on
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