Rosewood Massacre Research Paper

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Rosewood Massacre: A Race Riot In America

In the first week of January in 1923 a racially motivated riot occurred int he small town of Rosewood, Florida. This riot escalated into a violent massacre that slaughtered many African Americans as well as Caucasians and lead to the demise of the entire town that had been established. This event became to be known as one several race riots that occurred in the United States of America during the early twentieth century. The events prior to the Rosewood Massacre, including the origins of the town, the massacre itself and the issues and events that were sub sequential to this catastrophic event all played a major role in the history of African Americans. The small town of Rosewood was located Route 24 in the state of Florida. It is about …show more content…

The Senate ended up approving a bill worth over twenty million dollars for reparations to the family whose lives where change by the traumatizing event (Florida Legislature 12). Originally, the bill that was passed by the senate was for only seven million dollars due to the facts that this was a common practice throughout the United States during the era that the massacre took place. In conclusion the Rosewood Massacre was a defining moment in African American history. Allegations of a sexual assault was this original cause for the riot but it was the racial mindset of Caucasian people that converted this event into a massacre. A total of eight people lost their life but this event effected everyone in the town of Rosewood, Florida. Although acts of race riots were quite common amongst American culture during this time, The Rosewood Massacre was one of the first to be acknowledged by the legal system and to have reparations paid to the descendants of the suffers of the

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