Essay On Lynching In The 1920's

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Was It Right? Within the 1920’s there were approximately around 3,496 and counting reported lynchings all over the south, In Alabama there were 361, Arkansas 492, Florida 313, Georgia 590, Kentucky 168, Louisiana 549, Mississippi 60,North Carolina 123, South Carolina 185, Tennessee 233, Texas 338, and Virginia 84 lynchings (Lynching in America). These are just some of the numbers introduced during the 1920’s for the reported lynchings. Lynching was used for public appeal for the people to show justice on the blacks and to punish them so the whites could return to “white supremacy”. At first lynching was only for slaves that tried to escape, it then turned into all blacks, then before lynching was illegal the mobs (such as the KKK and jim crow laws) would lynch different religions and races. The majority of the crimes the people were charged for were fake or over exaggerated, the people that were lynched did not receive a fair …show more content…

Even in 1890 16 black members of a council apart of the Louisiana General Assembly, came together and passed a law to prevent black and white people from riding together on railroads(A Brief History). Most of the blacks were scared of the whites not knowing who was going to lie to the mobs or police to have them get in trouble. Because of this the blacks would take the jim crow laws and would make parts of it actual laws so they could be seperated. Even in a trial to end the lynching blacks went and voted to be lynched so they wouldn't have to live in this life on the edge not knowing what could happen(Ku Klux Klan History) With over the 3,400 lynchings at least 300 of those lynchings were whites only. The KKK (the second version of the klan) would go after whites if they were defending the blacks or even if they aren't following their religion to a perfect replica(Lynching

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