Essay On Early Jamestown

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The colonists of Early Jamestown did not know what they were going to experience in the New World, and they were not prepared. This took place from 1607-1611. The colonists arrived in Chesapeake Bay in 1607. They had hopes to find new land. Sadly, out of the 500 colonists that arrived in Jamestown, 80% died.Just between 1609 and 1610, 110 settlers died from famine and disease. In 1607, there was only one surgeon for hundreds of men. Colonists died in early Jamestown because of three main problems. These problems were Starvation, Native American Relations, and Disease. Listen to how almost 350 settlers died in these five years full of hardships. The first reason for death was Starvation. The settlers died from Starvation because they were not prepared. The settlers died from starvation because they were not prepared. A historian named Carville V. Earle once said, “Fish are present in local streams, but only in the spring and early summer are they there in impressive abundance.”(Blanton 55). The colonists had food but they only had enough fish to keep them healthy during the spring …show more content…

“Some harshe and (cruel) dealinge by cutting of towe(two) of the Salvages heads and other extremetyes.”(Hume 61). The colonist’s bad relationship with the Native Americans led to many deaths. “Although still part of Powhatan’s Confederacy, the tribe had seen less of the English that had those closer at hand and with luck might be more friendly. And so it proved.”(Hume 61). The Natives did not trust the English, so they were hesitant about trading. In August, 1609, “Of 120 men stationed near the falls, the Indians kill “neere halfe”.”(Fausz 63). The Natives attacked the English because they did not like how the English treated them. “Of 100 men at Nansemond, Indians kill 50”(Fausz 63). The colonists learned not to mess with the Native Americans after these

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