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English promoters such as Sir Waltere Ralegh, Sir Francis Drake, and Sir Richard Grenville were known to be the bold, gambling folk of their day. They aspired for England to further expand its trade and colonize North America. In endorsing such ideas, they were often referred to the by the name The Promoters. The Promoters brought together the few people who agreed to travel to the New World. These people were paying with their own money in hopes of enriching themselves as well as honoring their country.
· What was the social composition of the Virginia colony? o Poor English farmers made up the overwhelming majority of Virginia colonists.
Who were the “sturdy beggars”? o “Sturdy beggars” defines poor men and women who suffered from …show more content…

Commanding thirty tribes, he held the control of life and death over his subjects and was widely esteemed. The Native Americans in and around where the English colonists had settled held fast to a certain flexibility in their lives directly related to the changing of seasons. They were horticulturalists, shamans, fishermen, gatherers, warriors, hunters, and chiefs that lived very primordially, but with some degree of intelligent proficiency and basic innovative methods for subsistence. Natives who spoke Algonquian, like their northern counterparts, employ a major range of cultural practices; including vicious and otherwise incongruous behavioral …show more content…

o 7) Categorizing the governmental system of the natives. o 8) Briefly defining Powhaten's methods for governing. o 9) Changing to more cooperative and collective war practices. o 10) Highlighting the differences between native warfare and European warfare.
· What was the encounter of Powhatan Indians and colonies? According to Taylor, who had the higher culture upon the encounter of the two peoples? o In the encounter section in Taylor's book, the Powhatan Indian and English colonial relations were described. In Taylor's opinion, the English, who claimed to be the better civilization, are the true savages. They see any cultures other than their own as being unjustified.
· Jamestown becomes significant because: 1)___, 2)___, 3)___, 4)___ o 1) The order of the new King James I established it. o 2) Many colonists travelled to Jamestown in hopes of finding gold. o 3) Jamestown eventually became identified as a “death town” because of the aaaainumber of colonists who would die when they arrived. o 4) The colonists would refuse to work even though the governor strongly advised ssssssto do so
· What was the cause of

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