Tecumseh's Vision Summary

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After watching Tecumseh’s Vision, I became more knowledgeable about the struggles Natives had to experience as western civilization occurred. Tecumseh was a trailblazer to his people and was a visionary. He was in favor of a strong Indian confederacy and was a strong Indian leader. As a result of rising tensions between the Shawnees and the Americans, it lead to a costly culmination of battles in order to claim Ohio land and westward expansion. Tecumseh’s legacy lives on and he is remembered for his leadership and courage to take on the Americans. As the Shawnees were attempting to reunite in the Ohio Valley, they found themselves displaced and had to defend their territory from western expansion. The Shawnees placed all their trust in the British, which didn’t turn out positive for them, for when the British ceded all lands west of the Appalachian Mountains, which endangered the lives of the Natives. “For the …show more content…

After learning that America declared war with Britain, he knew it was his last hope in winning the dispute. In the Battle of Brownstown, American forces lost a substantial amount of soldiers, while the British were barely wounded. Tecumseh and Brock were the masterminds behind the capture of Detroit. In the battle of Detroit, Americans surrendered their weapons and the battle was named one of the “most humiliating defeats suffered by an American.” Tecumseh said he would die for his land, and ends up doing so in the War of 1812. The death of Tecumseh ruined the spirit of the Natives, and they were undertaken by the ways of western civilization. Seeing how Tecumseh stood up for his land and his Indian heritage gives people insight on how fighting for what they believed in will raise awareness of the importance of hope and determination. He is recognized as a hero to this day for what he attempted to do for the Northern Native

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