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The views of Tecumseh’s Legacy Looking through all of Native American history, there is no argument that Tecumseh was the greatest leader of all Indian history. At a young age, Tecumseh was brought up only knowing of war. In 1774, his father, Puckeshinwa, was killed at the Battle of Point Pleasant. When Tecumseh was growing up, he had passed all of the other male Indians standards by being the strongest, and most athletic Indian out of the Shawnee tribe. Tecumseh had helped his older brother, Chiksika, on a series of raids against frontier settlements in Kentucky and Tennessee in the late 1780s. Afterwards, Tecumseh had emerged as a prominent war chief by the 1800. Now when we look back at Tecumseh’s legacy, people tend to speculate …show more content…

Tecumseh was born to the Shawnee tribe, who had controlled the Ohio River region. The Iroquois at the time had control over all of Northern Kentucky region. This then led to the Shawnee having to migrate into Indiana and northwest Ohio. The Shawnee tribe fell under a lot of pressure due to the white settlers, white religions, and the white liquor. The Shawnee tribe was falling apart until Tecumseh’s younger brother had a “vision”, and then was known to be the prophet. His brother began to bring back the traditional Shawnee values. This had led to the Shawnee reuniting again. During this time Tecumseh had rose to prominence. Tecumseh was a very skilled warrior and was very intelligent when it came to war. After Tecumseh’s brother had lost influence, the Shawnee became a military alliance under the leadership of Tecumseh. In 1808 Tecumseh and his brother moved their village to the juncture of the Tippecanoe and Wabash rivers, where the new settlement, Prophetstown, continued to attract Indians. Due to the Treaty of Fort Wayne, much of the land was lost for the Shawnee. Tecumseh traveled throughout the Midwest urging tribes to form a political confederacy to prevent any further erosion of their lands. While Tecumseh was in the South trying to recruit the Creek to join his …show more content…

The article starts off by introducing his “disappointment” of a brother then goes on to talk about Tecumseh and his savage ways. Throughout history, Tecumseh’s brother was known for being a “drunk”. Many of the people in their tribe did not respect him. Then one day, his brother had a religious “vision” that changed him. At the beginning, the tribe members believed in the vision and started to followed his brother, also called the “prophet”. Then people began to not follow him anymore and did not believe in what his brother was telling them. His brother became known as an imposter, fool, coward, and cruel. This also had an effect on Tecumseh as well. According to the article people believed that he may be the same as his brother. Tecumseh quickly changed that thought whenever he created the Shawnee military alliance. In the article, it begins to give some opinions about Tecumseh and his leadership. The writer does say that Tecumseh was a good man and a decent war leader, but he also says that his leadership was questionable. Compared to the white man, Tecumseh did not have the education to be a good enough war chief. His opponents were able to out think him and out strategies him. The only type of military learning he had was from his elders who had fought in wars. The

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