How Did The Kansa Indians Change

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Kansa Indians referred to themselves as one of two groups, the Wind People or the Keepers of the Pipe, but the winds of change affected them just as anybody else. The Kansa Indians were a fierce and adaptable person because the changes they encountered required those aspects. The winds of change, however; can whittle even the hardiest boulders. The Kansas faced many different challenges and changes to the way they lived. William E. Unrau rout The Kansa Indians: A History of the Wind People, 1673-1873 which detailed the victories and the defeats that resulted from these changes. The Kansas tried to hold on to their previous lives, but they changes ended up transforming their way of life. The Kansa Indians live transformed because of movement, their interactions with outside peoples, and the introduction of new ideas. The Kansa Indians underwent two major …show more content…

The Kansa Indians were at war with many tribes like “the Sacs and Foxes, Omahas, Osages, Iowas, Otoes, Pawnees, and the Cheyennes” (27). The Osages and Pawnees often proved to be the most dangerous to the Kansas and were treated as such. Despite their previous dealings, the Kansas experienced a change when white traders started to roam the area. The Osages and the Kansas spent “the winter of 1806-1807 hunting and trapping…” together (86). The interaction with the traders influenced the Kansas to halt hostilities towards its former enemy. The United States had to step in to prevent the violent killings that the Kansas and Pawnees enacted on each other. The United States “secured the usual promises from all tribes in attendance that hostilities would cedar immediately” (158). The Kansa Indians experienced a transformation from constant warfare to peaceful cooperation. The interactions that the Kansas had with other tribes changed after the arrival of white traders and then

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