1820-1860 Dbq Analysis

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DBQ: Political Disputes 1820-1860 For forty-four years, the United States of America was a thriving country. We had won our independence from Great Britain and we had started to create a country that would change the world. Yet, in the year 1860, a joined country and political agreement between all states seemed utterly impossible. People fought with each other so deeply about slavery, the country was divided between slave and free states. By the time of 1820 through 1860, political disagreement grew so large, there had been only one answer. The only way that Americans sought peace and equality throughout the country was through Civil War. Slavery was the most considerable issue when dealing with the disputes of the 1800s. The majority of the South wanted to secede for one reason being Abraham Lincoln thought of as an abolitionist who wants to benefit the North. States threatened to secede from the county because of an unbalance between free and slave states. The majority of people in the South believed that slavery …show more content…

People in the North wanted the land to be open to Americans to farm and to live. People in the South wanted the land for themselves to expand their slave dominion. Neither the North nor the South worry or think about the Indian lands that would cross paths with them. The Indians were either forced up into the Dakotas or they were forced down into Oklahoma. The Kansas-Nebraska Act was then passed, but Stephen Douglas, who was the man responsible for the act, was deeply criticized. Once the bill was passed, the battle moved into the large, open setting of Kansas. The North made a settlement in the town of Lawrence. The South first sent a small group of men to arrest the Lawrence leaders for committing treason, but they turned into a giant mob. The town became ruins; buildings were burned, houses were raided, and some people were killed. Kansas was known as Bleeding

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