Andrew Jackson Do More Harm Than Good Essay

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Andrew Jackson was the 7th President of the United States. His face appears on the $20 dollar bill but there is discussion of removing him and replacing him with another well known figure. Looking back through the history of his time did Andrew Jackson do more harm than good. He was born March 15, 1767 in a log cabin on the frontier between the Carolinas. He was a “common man” so the common folk loved him. He was born during the time of slavery and Native Americans. The rules of today’s society were not in play yet. Andrew Jackson should stay on the $20 dollar bill he was a well liked president during his tenure. There was a reason he was chosen to be the face on the $20 dollar bill in the first place. Jefferson should remain, his history …show more content…

During the war, Jackson defeated the British at the Battle of New Orleans. Jackson was admired for many battles and many treaties he fought or negotiated. One history did not and can not forget, The Indian Removal Act, the removing of Native Americans from their lands for expansion into the territories leaving behind the historical Trail of Tears. The trail was caused by death and displacement of thousands of Natives of different tribes forced together and moved. Losing family, friends, homelands everything because Jackson believed that growing the United States in geographical region outweighed the loss of Native lives. Andrew Jackson had a dislike for Henry Clay so he started a veto process to stop the bank that Clay was involved with. Jackson also believed this bank to be unconstitutional. After Jackson destroyed the bank he made sure the money was returned back to the states where he thought it belonged and would help the economy grow. At that time in our history Andrew Jackson did what was acceptable, today it is not. In today’s world all the rules have changed, society as a whole has changed. Acts of Humanity are first and foremost. People are people, color has no color, borders have no walls. Andrew Jackson should remain as the face on the $20 dollar bill, history will not be changed by changing his face to

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