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The Age of Exploration occurred from 1400 to 1700 C.E. It is famously known as the Age of Exploration because it was a time when explorers from Europe travelled by sea to explore west of them, and make many geographical advances. Exploration was motivated by gold, glory, and God. Along with their motivation, the Europeans also wanted to find trading partners, new goods, new trade routes, and simply find new land. With exploration, there were many good effects and many bad ones. Today, there is mainly recognition to the how amazing the explorers are for what they discovered, but there is no recognition to what harsh decisions they made in the process and the many problems they caused. In modern times, European explorers, conquistadors, and settlers…show more content…
In the Age of Exploration, the Columbian Exchange was created between Europe and the Americas as a massive exchange of plants, animals, and diseases. In document 2, the Columbian Exchange is depicted, and a main part of it shows how many diseases– smallpox, measles, and typhus– were brought by Europe to the Americas. In The Broken Spears: The Aztec Account of the Conquest of Mexico, Miguel Léon-Portilla claims that diseases struck "everywhere in the city and kill[ed] a vast number of... people" (Document 7). The illnesses caused many sores to appear on peoples' faces and bodies. Some people could not walk or move as they were helpless and cried in agony. Many people died from not only diseases, but also from hunger because they "could not get to search for food" and "everyone else was too sick to care of them, so they starved to death in their own beds" (Document 7). Document 2 shows that the effects of the diseases caused a large decline of population for the Native Americans– estimating a decrease of roughly 25 million people to 1.5 million people within about 85 years. Through the exchange of goods, the Americans imported a lot more than they intended. In effect of that, they killed many people and destroyed many civilizations. To make matters worse, they did not have any intentions of helping or caring for the people who they…show more content…
Yet, modern times never focus on what problems the Europeans caused in their process to discover new land. They killed people, used many people as slaves, and spreaded many diseases all in search of new land and wealth. They destroyed the peace that maintained before they arrived to the land they explored. They tore apart many civilizations in order to build their own on top of it. The Age of Exploration was a time of corruption. As Arthur M. Schlesinger said in Columbus on Trial, European culture has "its share of monsters and atrocities" and that civilizations who had many conquests "did not show anything like concern for moral behavior and treatment of others" (Document 6). Ultimately, European explorers, conquistadors, and settlers from the Age of Exploration should not still be glorified and celebrated because they caused more harm than good, and tore apart others just to make a name for
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