How Did The Age Of Exploration 15th To 16th Lead To Competition Between Port And Spain

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To what extent did the Age of Exploration 15th to 16th lead to conflict and competition between Port and Spain?

The Age of Exploration was during the Renaissances period in Europe, it was a time that dealt with the whole of Europe coming out of the dark ages which was during 14th century to the 16th century when the Renaissance ended, of course this was due to the industrial revolution but that is not important…
The age of Exploration was a time when many countries in Europe sought a means of power by traveling to the new worlds in aid of helping their own countries by retrieving raw materials, slave labour, rare foods and spices, but also land that they could claim for their own countries. The most famous out of these countries during the time where England and Spain both they ruled large amounts of land during the late Renaissance period, but our main focus is during the early Renaissance period this was the time when Portugal and Spain where both trying to head East to claim valuable raw materials and spice, from India and many other countries along the way.
Europe faced many difficulties during the 13th and early 14th century which was considered the dark ages, many things accrued during that time. There was war between England and France which lasted for a hundred years from 1337-1453 these claimed many lives between the British and the French people to this day they have not forgotten the tragedy befallen both countries.
The Black Death

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