What Caused The Black Death Dbq Essay

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Fourteenth Centaury Europe was a terrible place to live. The foundations of European Civilization were undermined because of the Black Death, the peasant revolts across Europe, and the Hundred Years War. The Black Death was caused by a multitude of different reasons. The Black Death spread to Europe through trade in the Mediterranean, the Huns, and a more centralized Europe. The Black Death spread so quickly overpopulation of cities. The Black Death impacted the economic and social balance of several monarchies. First, the people of Europe flogged themselves to renounce their sins and to achieve holiness. Secondly, the people disregarded the social balance, spiritual and secular laws. The Black Death not only broke up families, as the Romans …show more content…

The Hundred Years War (117 years) was caused because of three main reasons. The first reason was political instability. The Capetian rule of France died out, so the rightful heir was the King of England. However, French nobles stated that the French monarchy could not be passed down to a daughter, so they decided to give to a cousin family of the Capetians (Valois). Even though several French nobles passed their humble abodes down to their daughters, they could even imagine giving the French monarchy down to an Englishman, basically creating a superpower of the Middle Ages. The second cause is King Edward of England, or a vassal to the King of France, not wanting to be a vassal of France. King Edward wanted the crown of France so he declared war on France. The third cause of the Hundred Years War was chivalry, and the need to fight. These causes, create a world where there is so much political instability, that the English and French monarchies can never stop fighting. Not only was political instability undermining the values of the late middle Ages, but also how English armies where pillaging peasant villages. This brings up the idea, of a peasant’s role in warfare. The cost to feed and supply an army is extremely expensive. So, the English crown decides to give English armies a bare minimum amount of supplies to live on. After these supplies run out, the English armies ransack

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