Summary Of Simon Godwin's Hamlet

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There is something refreshing and new in the Hamlet play that is directed by Simon Godwin. In this play the text has not been radically altered but it is clear from the beginning of the play that something is different. The one noticeable new thing in the play directed by Simon Godwin is the opening image of Hamlet getting a degree at the University. Additionally, it is the dilemma that awaits him at home weather to confront the familiar murder, a ghost of his father or to revenge. The production by Simon does more in the definition of the Claudius’s regime who was known to be a military tyrant and from the production it is difficult to know if he was a western puppet or a dangerous despot. Additionally, another noticeable and difference as…show more content…
Additionally, in scene two act III the scene that may have any effect on the direction of the play is the introduction of the Ghost appearing to Hamlet and telling him that Claudius his uncle and brother to his father killed the king father to Hamlet and asks him to revenge his death. This makes Hamlet to distrust almost everybody around him except Horatio his close friend. From the scene, Rosencrantz asks “Good my lord, what is your cause of distemper? you 338 do, surely, bar the door upon your own liberty, if you deny your griefs to your friend.”. Hamlet “340 Sir, I lack advancement.” and Rosencrantz wonders “How can that be, when you have the voice of the king himself for your succession in Denmark?” (2.3. 337 -341). On the other hand, the way she treated Guildenstern in the scene with suspicion was because of the ghost of his father appearing to him and revealing his killer. The prince was aware that Guildenstern was a spy for Claudius and when she says she has been send by his mother the queen “ The queen, your mother, in most great affliction of spirit, hath sent me to you.” Hamlet replies “You are welcome” using a puppet to mock her, Guildenstern replies “Nay, good my lord, this courtesy is not of the right breed. If it shall please you to make me. (2.3. 311-316). a wholesome answer, I will do your mother’s commandment: if not, your pardon and my return shall be the end of my business.’’ (2.3.315-317). Hamlet “We shall obey, were she ten times our mother?”…show more content…
This is despite the subject matter of the play being murder, betrayal and political machinations. That monochrome world has been given an injection of Technicolor with Essiedu’s prince daubing graffiti and wearing a suit that looks like it has been designed by small children let loose with a set of crayons. The African setting in the play has played a big role in making the concept of the poem to fit in any setting and situation globally. In scene two act III the drum used and the prints on the costumes of Hamlet are in the African setting. However, there is a mix of settings with the western kind of dressing on Guildenstern and the African print in Hamlet that enhances this play to be more acceptable
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