Hamlet And Lion King Similarities

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Hamlet and Lion King Hamlet and the movie Lion King have many similarities. They are composed of the same storyline and have many of the same symbolisms. They both are about a royal family and the betrayal of the King 's death by their brother. It also holds in common the son and how he seeks revenge upon his father’s death. In comparing Hamlet and Lion King there are many differences too. One big difference is the son does not die in Lion King. Hamlet and the Lion King are great tragedies that forever will be known.
The first similarity in Lion King and Hamlet is in Lion King, the king, Mufasa, is betrayed and killed by his brother, Scar. This is very similar to Hamlet because the king, Old Hamlet, is also betrayed and murdered by his brother,Claudius, in a wicked way. Both Scar and Claudius had the motivation to kill their brother just to become the King. Scar killed his brother by pushing him off of a cliff and …show more content…

Hamlet and Simba have to go through many struggles within themselves after their father 's death. Hamlet is struggling whether to kill his uncle and be a murderer or just to kill himself. This is explained through his famous quote, “To be or not to be”. Where as, Simba is struggling whether to forget his past or become the rightful King. Also Simba vanishes from the kingdom after his father’s death which is similar to when Hamlet is forced to leave the Kingdom by his uncle. Hamlet’s uncle sent him to England to be killed, but Hamlet finds a way to get out of it. Both, Simba and Hamlet, have their father’s death which they take revenge upon by killing their uncles. Simba ends up fighting his uncle until he is eventually killed by the Hyenas, and Hamlet kills Claudius with poison just how Claudius killed Old Hamlet. In the end, Hamlet and Simba did what each of their fathers said to and can let their souls rest in peace. It is obvious, Hamlet and Simba have many

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