Gertrude's Deception In Hamlet

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Hamlet Prince of Denmark by William Shakespeare is a deep dark revenge tragedy of love and family betrayal. The revenge that Hamlet wants for the death of his father at his uncle’s hand consumes him so much that he loses his mind and causes everyone including the innocent to die. Hamlet is angry over the betrayal he feels when in discovers his uncle Claudius, who is now king killed his father. His mother marrying his uncle who, he now sees as a whore and Ophelia his true love repels his love. His suicidal thought and his erratic behavior cause for the king, queen, Ophelia and his friends to begin to spy on him just pushes him over the edge. His action cause concern for King Claudius who shows in ways that he is not trusting of Hamlet because of this the King begins to plot with Laertes to kill hamlet in fencing dual. During this dual Hamlet is stabbed and dies from the poison that was on the blade. Gertrude is seems to be a shallow woman in some ways yet King Hamlet, Hamlet and King Claudius are all devoted to her. She lies but her lies are to protect her love ones; the way she lied to King Claudius telling him that Hamlet is deeply saddened for killing Polonius. She is a sexual woman this is what leads Hamlet to be disgusted with her to begin with. She has an underlying goodness about her and; this leads to her redemption. She is …show more content…

He was not the best father actually kind of cruel. He is all too willing to offer up Ophelia to spy on Hamlet, just to get in good with the King. To which cause her to be exposed to Hamlets abuse. He convinces Reynaldo to start rumors about Laertes just to have him come back to Polonius and report what Laertes confides into him. He used many around him just to get what he wanted. Even though, he was not a father and used those around him he was innocently killed by Hamlet because he was hiding behind the curtain eavesdropping on a mother and son

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