What Are The Similarities Between Hamlet And The Great Gatsby

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Hamlet and The Great Gatsby are very similar because of their themes. Hamlet, written by Shakespeare in 1603, and The Great Gatsby, written by F. Scott Fitzgerald in 1925 share the themes of madness, vengeance, mortality, murder, and disloyalty. Although the plots are not very alike, the two main characters in each have similar qualities. These characters are not exactly the same, their flaws and actions both lead them to being disloyal to others, including themselves, and in the end, their death. Both Hamlet and Gatsby were obsessed with their past and trying to solve it. They each had something happen to them in the past that they could not get over. Jay Gatsby was very in love with Daisy Buchanen when he was younger, but she was with someone else, a wealthy man named Tom. Gatsby could not get over Daisy, he would do anything to get her back. In an attempt to get her to notice him once again, he held these huge, extravagant parties at his house in the hopes that maybe one day she would show up. He went through a lot of effort just for the girl of his dreams. Hamlet, also, could not get over the death of his father. He found out when his father’s ghost came back that his brother, and Hamlet’s uncle, murdered him. He then was willing to do anything possible to get revenge on Claudius, his uncle. Both of …show more content…

They both did so much wrong just to get their past back or get their revenge that they end up getting murdered. Daisy drove the car that killed Myrtle, and Myrtle’s husband assumed the one who hit her was the one she cheated on him with so he shot him while he was minding his own business. Hamlet killed Polonius, and Ophelia died, so Hamlet and Laertes had a duel which ends both of their lives. In the end of it all, they were both so set on getting revenge or fixing their past that they angered so many other people and died, neither of them even fulfilled their

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