Narcissistic Personality Disorder In Hamlet By Shakespeare's Hamlet

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Introduction: From time immemorial a lot of ink has been spilled on the concept of traumatic psychology developed in men. People have long proclaimed, “What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger.” ( Psychological wound brings experiences and help people to grow more strong. Sometimes traumatic growth doesn’t happen naturally, it also can be hereditary. Once people experience psychological trauma, people can never be able to forget that. It invades people’s thoughts, dream and unleashing mood swings, anger, depression and an exhausting sense of hyper vigilance because men can never out run their past. Recent studies add a disturbing new layer to our understanding: The behavioral changes that can come with emotional trauma are not only difficult to overcome but also it can be overcome with family’s hopes, care and aspiration. Narcissistic personality disorder (NPD): Narcissism …show more content…

From the very beginning of the drama, a ghost walks the parapet of Elsinore Castle in Denmark and asks for Hamlet for revenge. Horatio, a friend of Hamlet, saw a ghost who resembled the dead king of Denmark who wanted to take revenge of his unlawful death. His brother Claudius not only inherited the throne illegally by killing his own blood brutally and got married the widow queen, Gertrude to save the throne. Claudius was a power monger and he got that by hook or crook. In Hamlet, Shakespeare presented Hamlet as the prince of Denmark. When he arrive his home, he found his beloved father, the king of Denmark, is already dead. Again, his mothers marriage with his uncle came to him bolt from the blue. It was unbearable for him to accept that his parents’ conjugal bed is being shared. Then the trauma started that ended into death. Hamlet was a prince but he never acted like one. He could take revenge by being the king and punish his uncle, Claudius. His procrastination never gave any solution to him rather it brought

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