The Perks Of Being A Refugee Movie Analysis

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THE PERKS OF BEING A WALLFLOWER Charlie is a 15 year old male, who is in the adolescence stage of his life, now he going through the transition from childhood into adulthood. This being one of the most difficult period for some kids; and Charlie is no different. He portrays a typical teenager, whom is socially awkward, shy and wants to fit in with his peers. Like, most teenagers experience the drama, secrets, break ups, and the mischievous behaviors; of the exhilarating teenage years. Charlie suffers from some repressed thoughts and feelings that he isn’t aware of at the beginning of the movie. He knew something was wrong with him, and not understanding what was really bothering him. A terrible event happen before school started …show more content…

Alan E. Kazdin; “that 74 million children and adolescents in the United States, 30 percent to 50 percent will experience at least one traumatic event by their 18th birthday. Events include sexual abuse, physical abuse, domestic violence, and community and school violence. Almost all of the victims express some kind of distress or behavioral changes in the acute phase of recovery. The behaviors include the feeling of horror, terror, and helplessness. There is physical disorders that they experience also, anxiety, sleep disorders, loss of interest in past hobbies. Unfortunately, most do develop trauma-related psychological symptoms that are not identified and don’t receive any help”. Charlie’s case he suffers from both cognitive disorders, post-trauma stress disorder, by experiencing a sexual violation at the young age of 3-5 years old. Losing a close friend, from him taking his own life. Charlie is still repressing his feelings and memories of what happen to him with his Aunt Helen. He is depressed, and he didn’t let any of his family members know his feelings. One of his typed letters to his friend he stresses that he is not happy and he feels alone. Social-Friends, Family, and …show more content…

The beginning of the school year was hard for Charlie to make new friends, the kids bullied him and teased him. Even during lunch hour was hard for Charlie, he shared the same lunch hour with his sister and she wouldn’t let him sit at her table. So he would just sit by himself and watch the other student’s converse with each other. While he was in his classes, he avoided any attention to himself. In his English class Charlie was reserved from participating in class activities, but Bill, his English teacher, noticed something special in Charlie, so he started to challenge him by giving Charlie a book to read then make him complete a book report on what he learned from the book. Charlie typed to his friend “that he has only one friend in school and that is his English teacher Bill”. Without Charlie realizing that Bill becomes his Mentor throughout his freshmen year. “A Mentor relationship may be either formal or informal and mentor becomes a role model or trusted advisor”. (567) In his work shop class there is a senior student name Patrick, he is the class clown, he makes Charlie laugh at his tactics in class. In the first weeks of school, he was depressed and his self-esteem was very low due to his lack of friends in school, still missing his best friend from grammar school. Charlie decided to attend his High School football game. Sitting in the bleachers is

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