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Wonder Summary The novel, Wonder by R.J Palacio, describes the story of August Pullman, a ten-year-old boy from New York City, and his fifth grade experience in Beecher Prep. August or “Auggie” was born with a facial deformity that made it difficult for him to do things a normal boy would do his age, such as going to school or making friends. He lives with his parents Isabel and Nate Pullman, his older sister Via, and his old dog named Daisy. Up until the fifth grade, August has been homeschooled, but his parents decided that it was time for August to experience real school, enrolling him into a nearby private school named Beecher Prep. Before the start of school, Auggie meets Mr.Tushman, the principal, and three students named Charlotte, …show more content…

Charlotte was polite and kind, Jack was cool and nice, but Julian was noticeably rude and arrogant. On the first day of school, August received weird looks, but he was still able to make a few friends such as a girl named Summer that sat with him during lunch. He also continued to be good friends with Jack. Transitioning to Halloween, August overhears Jack say to Julian about how he was set up to be friends with August by Mr.Tushman, giving August a feeling of betrayal, and never wanting to go to school again. But, when Via, August’s older sister, told him on how he just have to cope with life, it convinced August to keep going to school. The story then continues in Via’s perspective, who just started high school; and even though she has a problem with her friend Miranda shutting her out, she has gotten used to her concerns being pushed to the side because of Auggie. The story transitions to Jack’s point of view, where Jack is confused on why August suddenly dropped their friendship, until he finally realizes that August overheard him talking to Julian, making Jack feel like a jerk and realizing how he missed being August’s friend. Jack repaired his friendship with Auggie because of a fight with Julian. In Justin’s perspective, also known as Via’s new boyfriend, showed how he helps Via feel important and how he gets casted for the

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