How To Read Literature Like A Professor Summary

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Thomas Foster, a professor at the University of Michigan, taught literature and writing. He was born in West Cornfield, Ohio, and living in such a small town caused him to become very associated with books. In 2003, Foster published a book, How to Read Literature like a Professor, written in second person. The book is written as a guide for readers to know the parts of nonfiction books. It teaches young readers how to include important elements into their stories. The chapters cause readers to connect to books and movies that they have read and seen before. The novel, Wonder, by R.J. Palacio has many obvious connections to the book, How to Read Literature Like a Professor. When reading Wonder, readers can identify a questor, the importance…show more content…
Foster explains how a meal scene can allow readers to learn about characters and their personalities. During the book, Wonder, readers learn August’s personality through meal scenes. In all of the meal scenes, August sits with his best friends, named Summer. August trusts her with anything and therefore acts like himself in this scene. The reader learns that August is humorous and loves to make jokes and have fun. The reader also learns that August wants to include everyone. In meal scenes, readers can get to know more than just one character. For example, readers also learn about the character Summer. They learn that she is gentle and cares about people’s feeling. Also, that she also loves to joke around and have fun. She doesn’t care what other people think of her. Meal scenes are very important tools in books, and they allow readers to get more insight on characters in…show more content…
However, people are blind to the fact that August is actually a wonderful person. This relates to chapter 14 of, How to Read Literature Like a Professor. In this chapter, Foster explains that there are many novels where there is a disfigured character who faces any challenges but are great people. This chapter greatly relates to Wonder. For example, throughout the whole book, August faces many challenges such as bullies and fake friends, however, none of them realize what a great person August actually is. Even though August is disfigured, he is still brave and a great person. He is brave because of all of the surgerys that he has been through and how he hasn’t been scared of hiding from the bullies. August is a brave person, who wants to show the world what he can do. For this reason, Chapter 14 of, How to Read Literature Like a Professor, relates to the novel, Wonder. Both books teaches readers that some people who are disfigured are the greatest people of all. Thomas Foster’s book, How to Read literature Like a Professor, teaches many readers the importance of reading and understanding a book. He includes points in his book that are easy to connect to books that the readers have read, making it easy for readers to understand the meaning of each chapter. Thomas Foster’s book obviously connects to the book, Wonder, readers can identify a questor, the importance of a meal scene, and
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