Why Is Fahrenheit 451 Be Allowed In High School Curriculum

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Fahrenheit 451 should be allowed in all high school curriculums because the certain situations of this book that may be found inappropriate, add context and depth to the book that allows the reader to understand more about it. Though readers should get a disclaimer before reading it because of certain crude situations. Although these some situations found in this book may be crude or inappropriate they add great context, and depth to the book. This book really opens readers eyes about what the future could be like and how it might affect themselves.

Although some might say that certain situations with this book are crude and inappropriate they are very supportive towards the books context and how the reader interprets certain situations. Characters in this book may be found smoking or drinking which some parents find inappropriate for their children to read because it may effect them in other ways. Also characters can be found using Gods name in vain which is can be found offensive to religious families who do not want their children saying that outside of the book. There is also censorship or the burning of books that can be found inappropriate by some because these documents that they …show more content…

Readers often think about what would life be like, if they were inside this book and how would their life be changed. This allows the reader to understand more about the book, and it lets the reader keep getting more and more interested in this topic. It also opens the readers mind about the possibilities of this happening in their lifetime, which also adds to the reader being more interested about this book. This book can add to questioning skills that the reader can use in future situations that may be helpful in even writing papers or other situations in their

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