Similarities Between Fahrenheit 451 And Modern Day Society

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In Fahrenheit 451, there are many obvious differences in the dystopian society that the novel takes place in, and our present day society. However, there are also many overlooked similarities in the societies. Ray Bradbury’s Fahrenheit 451 is both different, and alike our modern day societies. Initially, the America that the novel takes place in is much more of an authoritarian society then present day America. For instance, in Fahrenheit 451 individuality is highly discouraged. Standing out is so threatening to the society that mostly everyone is heavily medicated, and unable to connect with one another on a basic emotional level. Another indication of authoritism in the novel is that most citizens are trying so hard to fit in and follow orders because of the threat if they don’t. Similarly, when Montag begins reading books at his house, Mildred turns him into the authorities. The extreme obsession over not standing out leads to people turning in their family members without much discussion or concern. In modern day society, individuality is much more …show more content…

Although Fahrenheit 451 shows more of an extremist version of censorship, modern day America has lots of it. Being politically correct is very important in the world today. For example, “merry Christmas” has become “happy holidays” for that reason. In the novel, Beaty talks about censorship and politically correctness and how writers would take almost anything out that sounds even a little offensive. That is a major reason books were banned in Fahrenheit 451. To conclude, the novel Fahrenheit 451 and our present day society have lots of similarities and differences. Both societies contain censorship, and value a faster pace life. On the other hand, present day America is much more relaxed on the idea of individuality. Thus, our present day society, and the society that Fahrenheit 451 takes place in include many significant similarities and

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