Fahrenheit 451 Technology Quotes

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Fahrenheit 451 is a story written in a future society that is totally consumed in the false media and loses all sense of reality. This story highlights the dangers of the future and over use of technology in our society: Ray Budary is trying to get across that censorship and conformity makes society lazy, knowledge and imagination is important for growth of a society and technology can be a double edged sword. The society Ray Bradury is writing about has a set of very strict laws. The members are sensitized by not being allowed to access books and gain knowledge about the past. They also have all other sources of media controlled; what they watch and listen to are controlled. These people only know what they are being told. An example of the strict laws is shown here. “ They pumped their shoulders. They coated each book, they pumped rooms full of it” (Bradbury 79). This quote is explaining a call Montage was on. He was ordered to turn this woman's belongings as a result of her having …show more content…

If a society has a severe lack of useful knowledge they will struggle to think for themselves and make meaningful decisions. In Fahrenheit 451 people are discouraged from questioning authority and when they do speak up they get punished. When the government has too much control the rest of society can feel an imbalance of power. This imbalance can create a lot of problems and cause people to rebel. For example, “ I feel like I’m doing what I should've done a lifetime ago. For a little while I’m not afraid . Maybe Because i'm doing the right thing” (Bradbury 125). In this quote Faber is talking about how he feels liberators rebelling against their government. Even though the way they chose to rebel is killing, they feel it is justified because they are helping make this society better. The feeling of constantly being controlled causes a danger that when the society gets a taste of freedom they can take it too

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