Examples Of Technology In Fahrenheit 451

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Fahrenheit 451 was written by Ray Bradbury in 1953.The society of Fahrenheit 451 wasa society where books are burned and people could not read them because it was against the lawand when people read books, it got the people thinking and in the society they didn't want the people to have open minds. In the book technology was a way to control people’s thoughts interaction. Technology began to be big for the people in the society. An example of technology being a big thing in the society is they created robot hounds, and what the hounds did was they they could find people who had books hidden and they would send an alert to the fierman and they would go to the house and get the books right in front of the people. Overall Technology is bad for the society because it impacted there relationships, people are getting obsessed …show more content…

When mildred asked can you turn of the parlor she said “will you turn of the parlor? He asked, “ thats my family” (page 48-49). This quote means that mildred thinks her family are they people on the screen.That she feels she has a close of relationship as the people in her real life as the people on the tv screen. In the book mildred is a lot more focused on the screen than her husband and what's going on in the world. Whenever the children come home from school, The parents should just send their kids to wherever the tv was and that's how they would spend their time when they came home, But the parents wouldn't even watch tv with them, They would be doing something else. The mothers in the society thought that giving birth or raising a child was not an important part of their life. This impacted their relationships because in the book they spent most of their time on the tv and they barely talked to the people they lived with so they had bad communication with each

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