Examples Of Technology In Fahrenheit 451

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Technology Can be Just as Dangerous as Fire In the novel, Fahrenheit 451,written by Ray Bradbury, the author explains how dangerous technology can be when it is used as a substitution for knowledge. The government in use technology to hide behind, while society doesn’t understand how bad of a world they are living in. Technology can be so addicting that it cause the inability to connect with other people in society. Montag’s own wife Mildred, is a perfect example of what the government wants everyone in society to be like. She is fully addicted to T.V and spends most of her time with her “family”, that does not include actual people, but just T.V characters. “‘When did we meet? And where” “It doesn't matter”’ (Bradbury 40). Mildred forgets how to connect with her actual husband. The only thing Mildred wants from Montag is his money so she can have four walls of television. Mildred is a perfect example of how the dangers of technology can create a inability to connect with people. …show more content…

Everyone in Montag's society can all be described as typical, but none of them acquire awareness. “You could feel the war getting ready in the sky that night” (Bradbury 88). Alone, in the dark street, Montag observes the moving clouds in the sky, because he feels what others can’t, and he has what others don’t. Considering Montag’s not like everyone else, he thinks outside the box, he has the knowledge to know the war was coming. Without knowledge, no one can feel the war coming because everyone is spending their own time with technology set up by the government. Everyone in that society are typical people with no desire to think

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