Technology In Fahrenheit 451

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Technology has become an everyday component for us in our daily lives, but too much is starting to depreciate the humanity in our human race, and it has majorly been portrayed in the novel Fahrenheit 451. Technology has majorly affected the humanity of the characters in the text Technology has created a rift between Montag and his wife Mildred and other families in the text. When Montag stepped away from technology he started to understand the problems in his society and his newly gained humanity helped him rebel. Technology is leaving people to focus more on their devices and less on important events. Technology has majorly affected the humanity of the characters in the text. Technology has brought Montag to speak out against …show more content…

Mildred wants Montag to think that burning is right. Montag felt relaxed when he broke loose from the un-humane society, Montag is isolated at the end of the lake, "He hesitated to leave the comforting flow of the water"(135) This shows that once they leave the jail of technology they feel free and actually comfortable and happy because they actually are. They were not when they had technology while they claimed they were. Technology also massively affects the other characters like Mildred and Beatty too. Montag pulls the trigger because he doesn't believe burning is right and neither is technology, and Beatty is making fun of his beliefs so much that Montag can't take it anymore, he just wants to get rid of feelings, "Go ahead now, you second-hand literature, pull the trigger. He took one step toward Montag. Montag only said, 'We never burned right...' Hand it over guy said Beatty with a fixed smile.... Montag shot one continuous pulse of liquid fire on him."(113) Beatty started taunting Montag and his literature/beliefs, but Montag knew they were right. When the characters have the realization of

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