Technology In Fahrenheit 451

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Yo (very close up) So recently we read Fahrenheit 451 (show a picture of the book), a story about burning books. A constant question throughout the story is “why?” What does the government of Fahrenheit 451 get from burning books? They want the same thing as any other government. Control Books are phased out in order to be replaced with the TV parlors they have now. Books being replaced by technology? Where have I seen that before? (3 seconds of a bunch of people staring at their phones.) This kind of addictions is also seen in Mildred, the wife of the main character Montag, when she says (have my mom/Torrey, whoever is available, read this out) “It’ll be even more fun when we can afford to have the fourth wall installed.” Of course, in our world, the government didn’t force the technology progression, but they did force something else. …show more content…

They used unwitting American and Canadian citizens as test subjects, giving them drugs like LSD (I eat a piece of paper given to me by Kris in a dark hoodie), hypnosis (Kris hypnotizing me), sexual abuse, including to children (Huge censor bar), torture (Camera pointed up at Kris with my hammer), and the list goes on. So our government is a control freak? So what? We have already seen that we aren’t trusted to handle ourselves safely, so what if we can’t control our own brains, so what if… we know... too much. Oh. Well I’m not here for conspiracy theories, but that does seem to match up with the government of Fahrenheit 451. Keep the public people ignorant and in denial and they won’t have the power they could potentially have. TV is something they can control and monitor, which they do in our world, but the same can’t be said for books. That is why they must be burnt. It allows the government to know for sure what every person learns and knows. It’s mind control without the person knowing they are being

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