Fahrenheit 451 Government Censorship Essay

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Government censorship is all over the world. There is censorship in forms of literature, the news media, and entertainment. There is also censorship in the internet and in types of communication. Government censorship plays a big role in the book Fahrenheit 451. These forms of government censorship relate to Fahrenheit 451 in a couple of ways. The history of government censorship also relate to Fahrenheit 451 in a few ways. Government censorship represents many examples in both Fahrenheit 451 and in the real world.
In Fahrenheit 451, forms of literature is one of the biggest forms of censorship. Books is how the government censors literature. Books are a threat to the government. They contain knowledge and ideas. The ideas and knowledge in books cause people to question how things are. It causes them to notice the faults in the world. The government bans books to have a better …show more content…

A few of them initiate books as entertainment. Books are what their government mostly censors. To their government, books are a weapon. They are dangerous for the inclusion of ideas and knowledge. To some of our society, art is our entertainment. With our current government, they censor street art and super murals in support of the First Amendment and our right of free speech in America. They stop an artist from the completion of a mural. Federal court takes the case to “recognize the artist’s First Amendment rights” (PR Newswire).
People do not mention the internet in Fahrenheit 451. It is non-existent. But it definitely exists currently. An example of censorship on the internet is with Facebook false news. The government cuts fake news sites off from access as well as Facebook and Google. The cause of this is because of viral rumours on social media that receives the attention that they do not deserve. The government does this because of “the trend, which proves to have real-world consequences” (Historic U.S

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