Censorship In Fahrenheit 451

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Jae Fricke Mr. Klever ENG III 4-27-23 Fahrenheit 451 Essay How is Modern America portrayed in Fahrenheit 451? Modern Society’s and Fahrenheit 451’s topics are similar; censorship, law-breaking, and government control are all predicted in Fahrenheit 451. Censorship is getting to be how it is in Fahrenheit 451, “...teachers in some districts are being instructed to remove entire libraries of books or cover them up so they can’t be accessed by students because they haven’t yet been approved.” (Marfice). Just as there is censorship with books in Fahrenheit 451, there’s starting to be censorship in Florida with books. "While the books went up in sparkling whirls and blew away on a wind turned dark with burning." (Bradbury 3 - 4). Both texts talk

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