Censorship In Fahrenheit 451

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In the book Fahrenheit 451, Guy Montag faces many conflicts. The conflicts he’s faced with leaves him questioning his identity and just changes his life completely. All Montag ever knew was flipped upside down after he met a teenager in his neighborhood named Clarisse. After meeting Clarisse, and Faber later on in the text, and dealing with Captain Beatty, Montag goes through many challenges in his job, love life, beliefs, etc. Fahrenheit 451 informs the readers through an entertaining way about the dangers censorship can bring, it also informs people about the importance of books, persuading them to read books and see what lies between the pages. This text also shows how the influence of other people can affect you. Before meeting Clarisse, Montag was a fireman whose job was to burn books, which he found a pleasure in doing and had no questions about it. “It was a pleasure to burn. It was a special pleasure to see things eaten, …show more content…

Soon they’re talking about plotting to bring down firemen and return books to society. Faber gives an earpiece to Montag so Faber can stay in his ear, keeping him from blowing there cover. Faber saves him twice from blowing up and ruining their plans to Mildred’s friends and Beatty, encouraging Montag to stay calm. But Beatty soon finds out about the books Montag is hiding. Mildred friends call reporting Montag as does Mildred herself. An alarm is called and soon they’re in front of Montag’s house where he is forced by Beatty to burn his own house with a flamethrower. When he is done, he comes out the house and Beatty starts to taunt him saying he’s going to arrest him. He then starts hitting Montag which causes the earpiece Faber gave Montag to fall to the ground. Beatty picks it up and hears Faber, he threatens to trace it and find him. Enraged by the thought, Montag points the flamethrower to Beatty and burns him to ashes. He is then attacked by the dog, and burns it

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