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In the beginning of the novel, the author, Ray Bradbury, introduced us to a world where books were forbidden. Guy Montag, a fireman, did not help save burning homes instead he burnt them. In this futuristic way of thinking, everyday life revolved around television and people thought books brought unhappiness therefore they sent firemen out to burn homes that contain books. Montag thoroughly enjoyed watching the seemingly meaningless books turn to ashes. One day while walking home, Montag met a girl named Clarisse. Clarisse had a very different way of thinking than anyone else Montag had met. Unlike many other people, Clarisse did not rush instead she took the time to observe the world around her. Soon after, many events occurred that affected …show more content…

Then, Montag meets a woman who loved her books so much that she decided to burn with her books. Finally, Montag found out that Clarisse died because she got hit by a car. After all of these incidents the fireman is thoroughly confused. Montag tried to find the answer to his problems in the books that he had hidden in the furnace, and decided not to go to work. Noticing the fireman had not come to work the fire chief, Captain Beatty, decided to visit Montag. Beatty explained to Montag that once in a while firemen would take a book; they would not have to pay any consequences as long as they turned the book in within twenty four hours. Montag asked his wife, Mildred, for help but she enjoyed watching television more. Under the circumstances, Montag decided to visit Faber, a retired English professor Montag met at the park. Faber assisted Montag with his reading, and together they created a plan to make books more popular. After his conversation with Faber, Montag went home. Later that evening, two of Mildred’s friends came to visit. Montag decided to read a poem to them, after that everything went downhill. One of Mildred’s friends left crying, while the other filed a complaint again Montag. The next day Montag went and delivered one of his many books to

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