Examples Of Censorship In Fahrenheit 451

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Don’t Face a Problem, Burn It
Not often does one find a book that has a message so great that it is almost frightening. Ray Bradbury wrote a book titled Fahrenheit 451. This novel is about censorship and what could become of it. In this book the main character, Guy Montag believes he is happy. He believes he has a successful marriage and a happy life. However, the reader soon comes to understand that this happiness in only on the outside. As Guy Montag's eyes open more and more throughout the novel, he changes.
Montag loves to burn. He loves watching things be destroyed. He never notices anything around him. However, everything changes when he meets Clarisse. She is different than everybody else. There is a freshness to her. She questions Montag, which no one has ever done to him. Something that makes Montag want more than he has. After the first encounter with her Montag starts to see the world a little through her eyes. Montag realizes he is not happy and his marriage is not in good shape. Because he wants to be like Clarisse Montag begins to change. …show more content…

The fire station received a call and team sped to the house with the call was made for. When they arrived there the women would not part with her books. This made Montag realize that there might actually be something valuable in the books if a woman would give her life for them. This pushes Montag to have an interest to read the books. After all of these events, Montag comes home and begins to read the books he has been taking from the houses they have burned. Montag realizes then that he must have a teacher who would educate him about books. An old professor by the name of Faber comes into Montag's

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