Examples Of Integrity In Fahrenheit 451

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Sadie Smith Ms. Gundersen English Period 1 14 April 2023 Familiarity is good? Familiarity may breed contempt, but it breeds attraction too. Familiarity is what keeps us coming back, it keeps us turning our heads looking for comfort. Much like the hero’s journey, a style that has always been there, lurking around the corner, for better or for worse. The hero’s journey may be old, but it is what allows us to understand the unfamiliar, the new and the scary. Ray Bradbury, the author of Fahrenheit 451, used the hero’s journey style of storytelling, which made their story easier to understand, even with all of the detail and description. One example of this is shown through the character Clarisse, the Herald in the story. One morning, when Clarrise walked Montag with him to the train station, they talked, and she could only bring up thought provoking questions and ideas, unknown to this world, and even simple questions like this, “‘Are you happy?’ she said. ‘Am I what?’ he cried... Of course I’m …show more content…

After Montag and his wife, MIldred got into an argument over the books Montag has been secretly hiding, he searches for Faber, “‘My wife’s dying. A friend of mine’s already dead. Someone who may have been a friend was burnt less than twenty-four hours ago. You’re the only one I knew might help me.” (Bradbury 83). This shows that Faber is the mentor archetype, because it shows that Montag needs him for help, guidance, teaching, and that is all that mentors do. Montag, in the introduction of Faber, already hints at the fact that he is the mentor, this way of storytelling that Bradbury chooses to use, makes a descriptive, detailed, thoroughly thought out book, easier to understand. With things like this standing out, it makes the book enjoyable and not having to stop after every sentence questioning what was just

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