Guy Montag As A Hero In Fahrenheit 451

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Guy Montag, the protagonist of Ray Bradbury’s Fahrenheit 451 is an example of an everyday citizen who obeys the rules of government but questions inwardly without speaking. His job, a fireman, is to burn books, punish whoever reads them, and follow orders without questioning; but when he does question, he realizes that everything and everyone around him is not what he thought it was. The reader might think of Montag as heroic and brave for his “rebellious” actions to read books, planning to place books in firemen’s houses, and set an alarm to burn their houses. However, Montag was fully aware of the consequences of his actions, which caused him to look foolish and psychotic rather than heroic in everyone’s eyes. Montag was certain he was living the right way, until he had met Clarisse, a teenage girl who questions her surroundings and thinks out loud. This got Montag curious about the way she thinks, which got him to question his surroundings as well. But, when he was at duty to burn a house, an …show more content…

Montag asked his boss, Captain Beatty, about books and why books are illegal in society. When Montag asked, Captain Beatty’s response was that books remove happiness and order in society; Montag on the other hand thinks the differ. He questioned himself, that if books were so bad then why would an old lady want to kill her self with her books so she doesn’t live without them. Montag’s questioning caused a lot of tension in his life. His wife had alarmed the fire station of the books Montag has and left Montag before the fire department burnt the home, Montag was going to get arrested, and in the eyes of everyone he was this rebellious criminal. But that didn’t stop Montag from killing his Captain, planting a book in his home and calling an alarm for it, and running away from the government to find himself with educated

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