Montag As A Hero In Fahrenheit 451, By Ray Bradbury

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What is a hero? When people think hero they think of capes, people with superpowers, crime stoppers. What is an actual hero and how do people define them. There are many examples of heros in books such as: Katniss Everdeen, Harry Potter, Bilbo Baggins, etc…
Each of these characters stood up for their beliefs and faced many trials because of those beliefs. In Fahrenheit 451, by Ray Bradbury, one character, Guy Montag, stood up for his beliefs and is a hero for this. One way Guy Montag is hero is standing up for his beliefs. Montag lived in a society that believed his beliefs were wrong and should be squashed like a bug. He ignored these and stood up for literature. On page 88 Montag talks of the coming war saying, “You could feel the war getting ready in the sky that night.” This is talking about his plan to fight for the literature, in which he believes in. …show more content…

Heroes usually face many trial and risks. Montag faced many of these. He risked everything he knew just for literature. HE faced trials such as facing Beatty and Mildred and her friends. He also had to plot against the government and deal with the events at Ms. Blake’s house. He also had to face the fact that the one who opened his eyes, Clarisse, had died. He took many risks. One of those risks is shown on page 39, “He stumbled toward the bed and shoved the book clumsily under his pillow.” Another risk he faced was death. The crimes he was plotting and committed were highly illegal. They were punishable by death, which shows how great of a risk he

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