Superman Essays

  • Is Superman A Hero

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    Superman Villain or Hero Many people would argue that Superman is a hero of Earth, but many fail to realize the consequences of having a powerful man come into existence. One of the prices evil will always rise up to challenge a good-hearted person. In turn crime rates would drop down as hundreds of innocent lives are saved daily by Superman. Sadly, the question remains, would Superman still be perceived as a hero as time goes on? When it comes to the films such as Superman v. Batman, The Dark Knight

  • Superman Hero

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    It is a beacon of hope… donned by a three-foot-seven-inch little boy. One may ask, “Why is he dressed like this?” The answer is quite simple: Superman is this little boy’s hero. “‘Faster than a speeding bullet! More powerful than a locomotive! Able to leap tall buildings in a single bound!’” His role model is someone to be in awe of, but, ultimately, Superman is flesh and bone. The other heroes children dress up as: firefighters, police officers, or princesses are still human. These men and women are

  • Essay On Superman

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    There have been hundreds, if not thousands, of different incarnations of Superman, in the nearly eighty years of his existence. He was the first superhero, the Hercules of American culture. And, while he was created on the page, he wouldn't become fully realised until his cinematic debut. And, when I say, "cinematic debut", one of these probably comes to mind, but Superman actually made his leap to the silver screen in a cartoon, helmed by this guy, Max Fleischer. And, if the name seems familiar

  • Superman Overrated Superhero

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    The most overrated superhero is Superman. Superman is a character in the comics that never had to really work to get to where he is at. He basically had everything handed to him. In the comics, he’s around other characters like batman who not only had something traumatic happen to him in the past, he also worked hard to get to where he is at. On the other hand, Superman is just a character that decided that he wanted to be a superhero and just had the abilities to do it. In the earliest comics,

  • Superman And Me Analysis

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    Summary & Reaction to “The Joy of Reading and Writing: Superman and Me.” Born in 1966, Sherman Alexie was raised by a lower class family, who had little to no money. Alexie was inspired to write “The Joy of Reading and Writing: Superman and Me” after teaching himself to read by using pictures from a Superman comic book. Alexie uses strong emotion throughout this slight essay to engage the reader. Alexie starts off his slight essay by going into background information about his childhood, family

  • Superman Unauthoriized Biography

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    For many Americans a time when Superman and other masked heroes on our screens and in the local comic book store seems impossible. Today we see a new hero on the big screen almost every month, almost daily on our televisions and every time we step into a bookstore. But the modern superheroes that we all know and love are less than 100 years old. In the book Superman: The Unauthorized Biography by Glen Weldon, a self proclaimed comic book geek, the story of one of the earliest superheroes is laid

  • Superman And Me Essay

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    “Superman and me,” by Sherman Alexie is about a boy, Sherman, who grows up in an Indian reservation and becomes different than most Indians around him. He began teaching himself to read and other things at a very young age. What he learned to read with was actually a superman comic book. The heroic vibe is definitely well used throughout the story. You can look at many different quotes in the story that would do the heroic vibe justice, but this one in particular sticks out; “I throw my weight against

  • Compare And Contrast Batman And Superman

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    Batman v Superman The rivalry between the Gotham knight and the kryptonian has gone on for decades. Both are popular superheroes who do good for others, and fight for their city. Each have their own way of handling villains and the safety of the world but the argument always goes back to who is the better hero? Batman and Superman have fought alongside each other for years, yet they are always compared to one another. Through differences in abilities, adversity and goals, it is easy to compare and

  • Compare And Contrast Superman And Beowulf

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    that Beowulf is most easily compared to is Superman. Although there are multiple differences amongst these two characters, there are a few similarities as well. Such similarities exist in appearances, as well as supernatural qualities. Moreover, Beowulf and Superman are both portrayed as heroes for their time. Both Beowulf and Superman travel far and wide to defeat villains, save people, and encourage others. Their appearances are similar as well. Superman and Beowulf are dry, muscular, and strong

  • Batman Vs Superman Analysis

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    About 30 minutes into Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, the first question that comes to your mind is: what the hell is going on? However, you don 't give up and wait for something interesting to happen in the film. Eventually, you will leave the auditorium just satisfied with the special effects of two high-budget action sequences. The idea of pitting Batman (Ben Affleck) against Superman (Henry Cavill) in a fist fight in itself is quite an ambitious task for any creators in the film-making

  • Is Superman A Hero Or Archetypal Hero?

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    consider who is a hero and who is not, a hero must consider different viewpoints. There are many types of heroes. Superman is considered an archetypal hero, who is played by Chris Reeves. Chris Reeves play as Superman who was, “raised with high moral ideals, he uses his incredible strength, speed, flight and various other superpowers to fight evil and protect the innocent.” (DC Wikia) Superman uses his abilities to save the innocent from

  • Sherman Alexie's Superman And Me

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    The short autobiography titled Superman and Me written by Sherman Alexie really made me think about the way people grow up. Some people who grow up in a lower end family find ways to complain about it. Alexie was different though. He was poor and his family lived off of irregular paychecks and government surplus food. Alexie made the best of situations and I applaud that. When I read the autobiography I realized that I relate to it a little bit. When I was little I stayed at my grandparents

  • Superman And Wonder Woman Research Paper

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    Superman and Wonder Woman On the day I turned 8 months old in December, my father was involved in a traffic accident that claimed his life. My mother was 2 months pregnant with my younger brother and my happy family of four quickly became a family of three. It was a tragic roller coaster for my family, but since I can’t remember, all I’ve known is who my dad was and how my mom has upheld the family. Even though I do not remember my father, he is Superman and my mom is like Wonder Woman. Therefore

  • Compare And Contrast Superman And Sherman Alexie

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    first learned how to read with a Superman comic. Throughout the essay Sherman Alexie uses an extended metaphor to describe the connection he has with Superman. Superman and Alexie both save lives even though they have different methods. “I am trying to save our lives.” Sherman Alexie tries to save people’s lives with books and knowledge. “One failure and you forget all the good I’ve done.” Superman constantly saves lives by using his powers. Sherman and Superman are both considered oddities even

  • Batman Vs Superman Research Paper

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    superpowers, a back story, and so on. Batman and Superman are a couple of superheroes from a wide variety of superhero comics. Both of them try to protect mankind from any hurt, harm, or danger that may come. A similarity between both of these superheroes is that they want justice in the world. With so much crime and torture going on in the world, mankind looks for a higher power to help stop it. It takes great courage for this to happen. Batman and Superman both want to be able to defeat evil for a greater

  • How Does Superman Affect Society

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    Superman; the all-American hero who has lasted for over three quarters of a century (Impact of Superman). It’s nearly impossible for a comic book character to exist that long and not change, and Superman is no exception. In fact, from sporting a mullet to fighting Nazis, he changes a lot. These changes may seem random at times, but they make sense when put under this lens; Superman is just mirroring America. Superman comics have changed to reflect society most notably during Great Depression, WWII

  • Superman And Me By Sherman Alexie Analysis

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    “Superman and Me” by Sherman Alexie In Sherman Alexie’s autobiographical essay, he uses an extended metaphor to compare and contrast himself and a fictional character Superman. Illustrations that was used by Alexie made a huge impact on this essay. It helps the readers better understand what is being said in Alexie’s “Superman and Me”. On this essay, Alexie mentions how he can see his family being a paragraph. Also, one of an extended metaphor that was used is how Superman and Alexie broke

  • Superman And Me By Sherman Alexie Essay

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    the essay,”Superman and Me” by Sherman Alexie, the author uses an extended metaphor to explain his relationship with the fictional character Superman. Alexie uses many things in his life to compare himself to Superman. Although Alexie may not be seen as a hero with actual superpowers, he demonstrates the qualities of a superhero in different ways. Alexie is seen as someone that almost resembles an alien in the eyes of his society. Most of Alexie’s comparisons with himself and Superman are figurative

  • Dissimilarity: Similarities Between Batman And Superman

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    they are in numerous ways. For example, Superman and Batman contrast in powers. Superman an alien born with superhuman powers, which allows him to have super human strength and permits him to be self-propelled and fly in the sky amongst other special supremacies. However, Batman remains a human being with mechanical super hero powers, which he uses scientifically enhanced equipment for strength and an aircraft called the Bat to fly in the sky. Superman was born in a distant galaxy on a planet

  • Chip Kidd Essay

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    What really stood out to me when I first saw it was the way the lettering for the title was. The way how he has the title “Superman” looking like it was going off into the book is really cool. The next thing that really stood out to me is how he drew superman sitting on a cloud overlooking the city. This part is really cool and pretty crazy how he was able to draw it. It really stands out because while he’s sitting on the clouds overlooking