Superman Unauthoriized Biography

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For many Americans a time when Superman and other masked heroes on our screens and in the local comic book store seems impossible. Today we see a new hero on the big screen almost every month, almost daily on our televisions and every time we step into a bookstore. But the modern superheroes that we all know and love are less than 100 years old. In the book Superman: The Unauthorized Biography by Glen Weldon, a self proclaimed comic book geek, the story of one of the earliest superheroes is laid out year by year. While Weldon goes all the way through 2013, we will be forcing on roughly the first half of Superman’s life. During these early years we see connections between the world of Superman and our own, specify in the origins, the villains, …show more content…

The artwork is what tells the story, what helps the reader understand and draws them in. The artwork of superman has changed a lot over the years. The covers of comics are the most important piece of artwork in the whole book. It is used most politically before and during World War II, during this time covers included “…he [Superman] walks proudly, arm-in-arm, with a U.S. soldier and sailor…” and “…poses in front of a giant shield bearing the stars and stripes…” with a eagle on his arm (Weldon, 55). With these images on the cover and stories of Superman encouraging the troops, getting war bond or trying to enlist himself, he became a symbol of freedom. So much so that the Nazis who found out that one of his creators was Jewish started making anti-Superman propaganda. The writers at the time said they wanted to support the war but didn’t feel right having Superman in the middle of it because he is not real. Him going into the battle and winning did reflect what was really happening. Other images in the comic were used to relate a character after real people, for example one villain looked a lot like one of Superman’s creators. When Shuster, finally retired how Superman was drawn changed. Due to his eyesight Shuster had already taken somewhat of a step back before this, but when DC didn’t renew his contract he retired (not right away) and his ghost artist took over and changed the look of the comics. The most noted changes to Superman during the switch is that he is made to be the tallest of anyone around him and changes to how his chest are drawn is also done. The comic is then rebooted shortly after this with an updated origin story and

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