Compare And Contrast Batman And Superman

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Batman v Superman The rivalry between the Gotham knight and the kryptonian has gone on for decades. Both are popular superheroes who do good for others, and fight for their city. Each have their own way of handling villains and the safety of the world but the argument always goes back to who is the better hero? Batman and Superman have fought alongside each other for years, yet they are always compared to one another. Through differences in abilities, adversity and goals, it is easy to compare and contrast the two.
One of the main differences between the two are their abilities. What makes Batman such a unique hero is that he has no powers. His main talents are designing and inventing tools to help him achieve superhuman abilities. Batman has a higher level intellect which makes him out think his enemies. He does not trust others …show more content…

This drives them to be there for the citizens of Gotham City and Metropolis. “Superman cries "Strength! Courage! Justice”(Friedell). This is what drives superman to do what he does. Superman 's goals are to ensure the world will never face any harm from evil. He decided to carry the burden of taking care of this planet which makes him responsible for the safety of others. On the other hand, Batman’s goals are to strike fear into the villains of Gotham to keep the citizens safe, “As a boy, he witnessed his parents ' murder by a criminal. That memory drove him to become a crime fighter as an adult”(Batman). This memory is why Batman tries to stop crime so no one will feel the same pain. What motivates Superman is keeping the planet safe from any danger, what also motivates Superman who is his girlfriend is Lois Lane, she is the only person who can actually stop Superman. What motivates Batman is he will not stop until there is no more crime; he will not sleep until the enemy gets what they

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